Working With Us

Starting the Plans

The plans in our catalog and on our Web site are a sample of the many customized styles of homes and additions designed and built through the teamwork of Habitat Post & Beam and its homeowners.  We welcome you to bring us your ideas, and together we'll develop a design that reflects your style and meets your housing needs, post and beam home budget and site requirements.

The Design Deposit

The initial Design Deposit is applied in full toward the total material package price. At this stage, preliminary floor plans and elevation plans are provided, and plan revisions/modifications requested by the purchaser and acceptable to the Habitat Post & Beam design/engineering department will be made; there is no separate design/architect fee for making changes to your plans.  Material package specifications and material package pricing will be estimated based on these drawings.  Please note that the material package price will be updated to reflect the addition or deletion of materials/changes to your plan.  For example, if you make changes or reduce the size of the design that would necessitate fewer materials or that would simplify the design, the price will typically decrease, whereas if you increase the size or make the design more complex, the price would typically increase.

Engineering Plans

The Engineering Deposit is applicable to houses and large additions.  Small additions and commercial structures skip this step.

The Engineering Deposit

The Engineering Deposit is 5% of the estimated package price and is applied in full toward the material package price.  At this stage, Habitat Post & Beam will continue any preliminary plan revisions.  Upon approval of preliminary plans (signed and approved by you for no further changes), we will proceed with foundation and cross-section plans typically needed for building permits.  A set of these plans with an engineer's stamp will be provided if required. Once the foundation and cross sections have been started, changes to the framing system are strongly discouraged.  The buyer is guaranteed against any price increases assuming a signed Contract is completed within 60 days of the Engineering Deposit receipt.


Permits and Finding a Builder

At this stage, it is probably time to start looking for a builder.  We can get you in contact with builders in your area who have previously assembled our packages or you can use your own builder. Our packages are precut, notched and numbered, so any generally skilled framer should be able to assemble our package.

Typically the builder will take our plans and submit them to the building inspector in your town in order to receive the necessary permits.

Contract and Final Plans

The Contract Deposit

A contract is prepared for your specific project and the balance of deposits is due (15% of the package price less deposits already received, or 25% for commercial structures and small additions).  The contract specifies your final material choices, enabling Habitat to order your materials in time for delivery.  Upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit, final engineering plans, shop drawings, and a list of materials that coordinates with the final plans will be completed.  Your material package is scheduled for production and a delivery timeline is determined.  Material package delivery is normally 6-8 weeks from the date of final (no further changes) plans with a signed contract and an approved building permit.  Early scheduling will prepare us for an orderly transition to production and is the best guarantee for a timely delivery.  At this time we will require a detailed map and written directions to your site.  The buyer is guaranteed against any company-wide routine price increases at this time, assuming payment in full or delivery occurs within 60 days of signed contract receipt.  Please note that changes to the final plans and/or materials after this point may incur additional re-engineering and material charges.


When your prepared foundation is complete, the Habitat Post & Beam material package will be shipped from our South Deerfield, Massachusetts facility via tractor-trailer to your site at no additional charge. Smaller loads may be delivered on a smaller truck/trailer.

Balance of Payments Due

The balance of your material package is due upon delivery.  A bank or certified check is required for your C.O.D. payment.  You may also opt to pre-pay up to 21 days before your scheduled delivery date.  This option will earn you a 2% discount off your material package balance due.  Homes, commercial structures and large additions are typically delivered with two separate loads on a flatbed tractor-trailer.  If you will have a crane or other machinery to help unload the trailer, please let us know ahead of time so that we can load the trailer for more efficient unloading.

Assembly and Finish

Our pre-built component building package assembles quickly and easily by your builder, saving time and money for you and your contractor.  The simplicity of our system allows for any experienced builder to erect your Habitat Post & Beam material package.

1. Pour foundation

2. Frame first level deck 

3. Unload Habitat package 

4. Install pre-cut posts and plate beams, then insert pre-framed wall panels

5. Apply sheathing

6. Install pre-cut girders and floor joists (mid-floor system)

7. Install mid-floor decking

8. Install pre-cut rafters and trusses (smaller trusses come pre-assembled)

9. Install roof decking

10. Install windows and doors

11. Installing siding and trim

12. Complete the interior (not part of Habitat package, i.e., plumbing, electrical, sheetrock/drywall, floor, fixtures, etc.).

13. Final site work