A Thank You Letter for Huckle


"We want to thank you for working with us to create our dream Post & Beam home.  It was such a pleasure working with you!  You are an extraordinary listener and work hard to imagine changes we wanted to make to the design.  We appreciated your competence and courtesy throughout the process.  We would not hesitate recommending you and your company to anyone wanting to build a post and beam home."

- Custom Home customer in South Deerfield, MA


Still Happy with home built in 1982


"We purchased our passive solar design from you in 1982.  We thought it would be fun to share with you the way it looks presently...While it is only 1850 square feet it serves our needs well.  Because of the open floor plan we host family holidays of between 15 and 24 people.  Every time someone new enters our home they are quite amazed.  Also you should know that due to the passive solar design we are able to heat the entire house with a pellet stove."

- 1982 Custom Home customer in New Milford, CT


Excellent Experience


"We had an excellent experience with Habitat Post and Beam.  huckle helped us throughout the design process, through final delivery and even after, with his excellent knowledge of the process and some very good ideas as well.  this was a very positive, enjoyable process"

- Custom Home customer in Vinalhaven, ME


Professional and Knowledgeable

"Chris was wonderfully patient with us over the years.  Casey was invaluable with many changes to the design.  Everyone we spoke to or worked with at Habitat Post and Beam was professional and knowledgeable.  great staff- great product.  We would recommend in a minute!"

- Custom Home customer in Halcott Center, NY


Making a Dream a Reality


"Thank you for making our Post and Beam dream house a reality.  We were, and continue to be impressed with Habitats quality and customer service.  My wife and i are both engineers, and not the easiest customers to satisfy.  Habitat has exceeded our expectations.  Thanks!"

- Custom Home customer in Wilbraham, ME


A Builder/Architect Thank You


"I would like to thank all of you for making the Healey project run smoothly. Usually we only hear about all the things that go wrong on a job, but this time it was different. The Healey residence is a great example of what some teamwork and communication can do. I look forward to having all of you work on future jobs that Route 9 Design and Build are involved in. I hope you all have a great summer and am sure we will all work together again soon."

- John Landry- Route 9 Design & Build, Inc.


Great Staff 


From a submitted survey form: Scheduling and Delivery Performance marked Excellent - "Wow! We were not sure the tight schedule would all work out, but everyone came through!: Appraisal of Your Builder marked Excellent - "Paul Bassett- phenomenal service!! We are so pleased." Overall Sales Appraisal marked Excellent - "Steve was the magic ingredient we had been lacking in the past to start to turn our dream into a reality. His patience is worth its weight in platinum... or gold! Fabulous site visits- twice! We will send photos."

- Nantucket customer in Islesboro, ME


Thank You Letter


"Dear Chris (Sales Representative), I have had this (survey) form on my desk for months and have not been ignoring it but just put off sending it in. I have only high praise for our entire building process with Habitat. I don't think a form can convey that. From our first meeting with you through the entire house building, every experience with you and Casey has been excellent. All of the suggestions you and Casey made resulted in improvements in the house design. While the house was going up, I could see tiny details that I thought reflected on the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the Habitat design. I think there was only one problem the builders had with one post that was easily clarified by contacting you. Most important, the house is solid and beautiful. I can't tell you when it will ever be finished in terms of actual trim around the windows and baseboard, but even in its unfinished state it is always a satisfying building. The posts and beam and central wood ceiling look fantastic! If I could change one thing, it would just be that Habitat has a list of builders to recommend. We would have definitely gone with an experienced builder instead of our rather bumbling contractor. Again, this is no reflection on the quality of your product, which I would rate as excellent. If we ever build again, I will not hesitate to come to you with a design. Thanks for everyone's excellent work!"

- Custom Home customer in Cushing, ME


Many Additions Later


"I could not be happier with the choice I made over a decade ago to improve my home and quality of living space by going with Habitat. I have not experienced a single issue with the additions. The new loft area is coming along, slow but will get there. I couldn't be happier with the way my little shack in the woods has developed. And I owe it all to your great product and service. As far as the referral program, I hope I can turn some folks on to your company! For the compensation, I would prefer to get store credit! You know I will be back when it comes time to gut the kitchen!!"

- Three-time Addition customer in Shirley, MA


Happy With Addition


"Our job was probably atypical for your company, but the end result is exactly what we wanted and fits so well into the original house that it is very much an enhancement rather than 'an addition. The place looks better with the library than it did without it."

- Custom Addition customer in Wheelock, VT


Happy with Habitat and Builder


"I would like to tell you how delighted my wife and I are with the fine service, materials, and personal assistance that we enjoyed as your clients and customers. The personal attention and assistance that we received from David Rohrs and your design group was outstanding. And we are particularly grateful to David for recommending Mr. Nick DiSantis of Pine Ridge Construction Co. to actually build the addition to our home. Nick DiSantis and his crew are, in my opinion, the finest, most dependable, honest and thoughtful group of folks that anyone could hope to employ. Their work was impeccable, their suggestions and recommendations thoughtful and insightful, and the finished product beautiful. We were away for most of the time that construction was accomplished. When we returned, we were more than pleasantly surprised and delighted with everything that Mr. DiSantis and his crew and sub-contractors had completed. The project was on schedule and within budget as well. Thanks again to everyone involved in the planning and execution of this beautiful new addition to our home."

- Addition customer in Becket, MA


Great Experience


"Chris Sexton (sales representative) was wonderfully patient with us over the years. Casey (designer) was invaluable with many changes to the design. Everyone we spoke to or worked with at Habitat Post & Beam was professional and knowledgeable- great staff- great product. We would recommend in a minute!"

- "Prow" customer in Halcott Center, NY


Updating us About Energy Star Qualification


"Hello Jason - we are happy to let you know that our Habitat home has achieved the ENERGY STAR Qualified Home rating through the Efficiency Vermont program. It has received an energy efficiency score sufficient to be recognized by the EPA and DOE as ENERGY STAR qualified. I'm sure this is due in large part to the quality materials provided by Habitat. We will also get a nice rebate on energy-efficient items we installed, such as heating system, lighting and appliances. Want to proudly pass this information along to you. In addition, we have been very comfortable all winter. Just a little tired of the snow that keeps hanging on in April!!! We are continuing to work away at the interior finishing, enhancing the already beautiful posts and beams. Yes, we are still very pleased with our new home and can hardly imagine it was just a year ago that it was still a dream in its final planning stages. Thanks again for a great product. You may pass this information along to Peter and Don."

- Custom Home customer in Saint Johnsbury, VT


Wall System and Design Endorsement


From a submitted survey form: "Dave took us to see many houses under construction, showed us plans and described many aspects. We especially thought the framing - without structural insulated panels - was a real differentiation. Dave brought that to our attention. Also, our designer was fantastic. She answered all of my many questions - and we had plenty - as this was the first house we built."

- Custom "Saltbox" customer in Stockbridge, MA


Come See our New Conservatory


From a submitted survey form: "Would highly recommend - the finished room is better than we ever expected. We are pleased beyond words and if anyone wants to see the completed room have them come and see it - very welcome. P.S. if you want to use this for a picture in your catalog, I have no objection - it is a showpiece!"

- "Conservatory" customer in Acton, MA


Previous Customer's Endorsement


"Dear Mr. Rohrs: I recently visited with (your past customers) in Benson, NY who are completing a home purchased from Habitat. Both indicated that they are more than satisfied with the materials, craftsmanship, and service they received from your company. Since he has spent fifteen years in the construction business, his recommendation is all the more positive. I am looking forward to hearing from you and doing business with Habitat." FYI - we shipped this gentleman his own Habitat home in 1993.

- "Nantucket 3 Bay" customer in Johnstown, NY


Moved in!


"Dear Dave: We're in! What a wonderful home, and though not yet settled, feel comfortable and cozy in our new surroundings. We welcome a visit from you to see the finished product. Final furnishings will not be in for several months, but you would be able to get a good sense of what it will ultimately look like. Hope your holidays were joyous and healthy, and that the new year brings a building boom!"

- Custom Home customer in Northville, NY


Cozy New Room


"Dear Steve: As it gets toward the holiday season we are now getting a chance to really enjoy our newly completed Habitat/American Barn room. It is great fun to look out the expanse of windows at snow flurries, while we stay warm and draft free in the new room. From the beginning of this project my wife and I were very impressed with your company's willingness to redesign and modify the plans for the addition until it reflected just what we had in mind. When the material arrived, on time, everything was of the highest quality, packed securely and easily checked against the Bill of Material, which you provided. During construction if we, or the contractor, had a question you or other members of your company always responded promptly with a clear answer. Throughout this project, we have been very pleased with the relationship we have had with Habitat/American Barn and particularly with the end result."

- "Palladian" addition customer in Mashpee, MA


Still Loves the House - And so do the Neighborhood Builders


"We love our Habitat home. We live in a modified Country Lane style home and receive many positive remarks about our home. We have just re-stained the exterior with an opaque stain in a putty green color, and the trim in a light beige with a raspberry color front door. Since our paint job, many local builders have inquired about our home. We live in an area in New Jersey that is rural with many dairy farms. Our home reflects the casual style of living that represents our county. I see many bi-level homes being built in our area with vinyl siding and treated wood decks and stairs. I am so happy when a builder knocks on our door and asks us about our unique home. I must say that we will not be interested in building another new home, since our family is VERY happy with our home. I will send you a picture in the mail. Thank you for producing such a quality home!"

- Custom "Country Lane 1600" customer, Wantage, NJ


Endorsed by Electrical Contractor


From a submitted survey form: "Our friend, Rick Hudson, owner of Relay Electric in Chestertown offered to show us some Habitat projects that were in progress last autumn. We purchased waterfront property, met Alan Chamberlin, and will hopefully be moving into our new home in January! So far my wife and I are super-pleased with the entire experience - Habitat, Rick & Alan have earned a satisfied customer."

- Custom "Prow" customer in Rock Hall, MD


Proud of Results


"Dear Peter and Habitat Associates, Sometimes I can't believe how fast time flies. I have been in my house for 1.5 years now, and am finally getting around to sharing the images of its final form (the landscaping just got finished this last spring, whew!). In advance, I thank you all for your help in making my dream home a reality!! I am very blessed to have such a wonderful home!!! Your assistance in making this home a reality was invaluable and I thank both Dave and Peter for their personal assistance through this project! Truly it is a beautiful and unique home, sitting on 4 acres of land in the Southeast corner of Kansas. Best of luck in your future endeavors and I am always happy to share my personal stories with any potential buyers. It also occurs to me that my house might make a very nice example for a future Habitat brochure. I am extremely proud of how it turned out and would like to share my experiences with others. Thanks again for your valuable help and assistance and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to comment about my home!"

- "Arched Barn" customer in Pittsburg, KS


Detailed Planning Pays Off


"From our first meeting with you through the entire house building, every experience with you and Casey has been excellent. All of the suggestions you and Casey made resulted in improvements to the house design. While the house was going up, I could see tiny details that I thought reflected the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the Habitat design. I think there was only one problem the builders had with one post that was easily clarified by contacting you. Most importantly, the house is solid and beautiful. I can't tell you when it will be finished in terms of actual trim around the windows and baseboard, but even in its unfinished state it is always a satisfying building. The posts and beams and central wood ceiling look fantastic!"

- Custom Home customer in Cushing, ME


Building a Positive Experience


"Compared to what we have heard from others who had built a house, our experience was quite positive. I'm happy to have worked with you."

- Custom Home customer in Monterey, MA


New Room Addition a Joy


"Dear Dave, We would be remiss if we did not, first of all, apologize for taking so long to write you to tell you how very pleased we are with the product and with the installation of our three-season room. Since the beginning of April, when the weather started to become warmer and we finished furnishing the room, we have enjoyed it immensely. We sit back and say 'why didn't we do this sooner?' We must tell you that Kim Lincoln (builder) and his assistant Jim always acted in a professional manner, worked very hard, and the finished product is just beautiful. We told Kim that he is always welcome to bring anyone over to see the room if there is ever a need. It was a nice experience working with you, and of course with Kim and Jim. The room is a beautiful addition to our home and we consider it money well spent."

- Custom Addition customer in Slingerlands, NY


New Addition Satisfaction


"100% satisfaction with our 28'x42' addition (plus garage). Ken Coons (builder) and crew did a fantastic job working long hours through incredible summer heat. Nice group to have around every day. Exceptional talent and ability. Habitat gets an A+!"

- Custom Addition customer in West Charlton, NY


Happy With Builder and Product


"Excellent quality, builder was impressed with quality of materials. Would recommend Celebrity Builders to your future customers. The builder was able to get questions, material, etc. with no problems. Great experience!"

- "Custom Homestead" customer in Hampden, MA


Thanksgiving in our New Home


"I think you have excellent people that above all else know how to treat people. Home building is fun, but given the costs it is scary and an emotional roller coaster. I felt like all of you wanted to fix whatever was wrong and were always respectful and courteous. There were some problems, such as mis-cuts, etc., but you never defended the mistakes; you promptly acknowledged them and worked to a solution. I might suggest when doing distant jobs you consider negotiating with a local yard to supply missing items (nails, plywood, etc.). I'm sure up front you could get a good price and would simplify some problems. We are still planning on Thanksgiving dinner in our new home (at least Pat is). We will send you an invitation to our holiday open house. You are good people with an excellent company. I wish you financial success."

- "Sunset 3" customer in East Jordan, MI


Excellent Builder and Team


"We are very pleased with your product, service and perseverance. Dave Rohrs was extremely helpful. It's nice to have a builder who's worked with your kits before. We're about 60% complete and it's a meticulous and superb job that John Gordon (builder) has done thus far. We would highly recommend both Habitat and John, particularly as a pair. John tells us it's the best kit he's worked with. Everything looks great to us. We can't imagine working with a better builder."

- Custom "Prow" customer in West Bath, ME


Solar Room Satisfaction


"We have not been disappointed. A few parts were back ordered and came promptly via UPS. Peter (builder) is an excellent carpenter. This was his first Habitat product. Mr. Goodyear (trucker) arrived right on schedule and was most pleasant and helpful. Unloading time just 45 minutes. John Flemings (rep.) was very knowledgeable about the product, but more importantly he instilled in us a confidence in dealing with Habitat and your product."

- "Solar Room" customer in Brewster, NY


Kudos to Sales and Engineering


"I would also like to put in a good word not only for Steve (rep.), but also for Don Gibavic for his patience and understanding during the design 'detail' phase. It is a very emotional time for the buyer and being able to 'change your mind' many times and have Don still going along saying 'no problem' made me feel comfortable. The initial site visit with a potential customer is an effective sales tool in initiating a relationship early on. Steve is good for always returning that phone call ASAP, getting that PE stamp when needed, etc. Good on details."

- American Barn "Colonial" customer in Wakefield, RI


Happy to Recommend


"The product, presentation, production, delivery and execution went far beyond what I expected. Anytime we can assist you in a sale, be it a reference or a home showing, please contact us."

- Custom Home customer in Delmar, NY


DIY Success


"Dear Peter, It has been a delight to build our Habitat Post and Beam home. As you know, we are not professional builders and what a sense of accomplishment we feel when we stand back and look at our structure and say we did that ourselves. It was a pleasure to put together posts and beams that fit perfectly. The materials provided are first rate, and our home will be solidly built. When we had questions at the site, Habitat was always available to answer our questions. We would recommend Habitat to anyone thinking of building a timber frame home. I've enclosed some pictures of our progress. We'll stay in touch."

- Custom Home customer in Indian Lake, NY


Engineer Approved


From a submitted survey form: "Habitat made tight delivery schedule by using multiple deliveries. All timbers were of high quality; one or two extra cuts required, with no major impact to project. Chris Sexton (rep.) is great to work with. I would recommend him to friends and family. Thank you for making our post and beam dream house a reality. We were and continue to be impressed with Habitat's quality and customer service. My wife and I are both engineers, and not the easiest customers to satisfy. Habitat has exceeded our expectations. Thanks!"

- Custom Home customer in Windham, ME


Ski House Testimonial


I investigated a number of log and post and beam companies, and found Habitat to be one of the best suited for my taste, needs and budget.  From the first meeting at their factory to others along the way, they guided me in my decision-making process, which in normal circumstances could be quite overwhelming.  It wasn't stressful at all and was a wonderful experience.  I searched for a builder I could trust with Habitat’s system.  My builder, Geordie Hodgson, had never built a pre-cut post and beam house before.  He came away from the experience quite impressed with the quality of the materials and with how easy it was to put together.  There was also enough flexibility in the plan for his own imprint inside, so the home is a perfect combination of Habitat and my builder’s styles.  I had never built a home before this, and was quite nervous about being two states away as it was being put up.  Habitat recommended a couple of books for me to read so I knew what questions to ask.  I also found another book called “Build it Right” helpful in finalizing the details for the inside of the house.  What I came to realize is the quality time spent with the sales department reduced the stress and worry because the house is pre-cut at the factory to meet all the specs of the plans.  I was always excited to see the latest progress, knowing there would be no major surprises along the way.  I would recommend Habitat to anyone considering building a home to last them a lifetime.  They are a high quality company with homes to fit a wide range of budgets.  I’m proud of what we created together as a team.

- Custom Lenox Customer at Sugarbush Mountain, VT


Satisfied Passive Solar Owner (who later bought a Conservatory)


Our Habitat home was custom-designed and built in 1988.  We love it - get a lot of compliments.  Very happy and satisfied.

- American Barn Passive Solar home and Conservatory owner in Issue, MD


Owner/Builder Endorsement


Dear Dave:  Four months have passed since we completed the Greenway Custom Habitat.  The project took us five months and two weeks.  For the most part the house fit like a puzzle and turned out problem free.  Now that I have settled in rather comfortably (we moved into the house in November, watched Thanksgiving from our living room, Christmas and New Year snowfalls through the trapezoid windows) I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for being very courteous and extremely helpful and responsive when I called with confusing questions filled with apprehensions.  You were available and your Habitat staff was a pleasure to talk with!  My “first-time package home” experience turned out to be genuinely rewarding, profitable and most importantly, very pleasurable.  And for this I thank you!  Finally, most of the credit (if not all of the credit) goes to Jeff Parker.  Jeff helped me unload the truck, came out to give us a helping hand, and stopped by every other day to see if everything was okay.  He’s genuinely a good person and an exceptional representative.  Habitat should be proud of this type of representation and quality individual you have working for you!  Dave, thanks again and I hope that in the future we can again venture yet another Habitat home!

- Custom Sunset customer in Cockeysville, MD


Habitat Sun Room Gets a Facelift


Dear Mr. May: 

I am writing to tell you what a pleasure if has been to deal with Mr. Dave Rohrs.  This past summer I began a home project of finishing the interior of a sun room that was added on to my house several years ago.  The sun room addition was one of your kits and was installed by a contractor.  At the time of installation I chose to have the exterior finished using “asbestos” shingles to match the rest of the house, and I saved the cedar siding from the kit to use in the interior later.  When I began this summer, a quick calculation confirmed that the cedar siding provided with the kid would not be enough to cover the four interior walls (how astute!)  After about six weeks of checking all of the specialty lumber distributors in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area, and many east coast lumber mills, no one had or (probably more to the point, no one was interested in helping me with) the additional 240 linear feet of siding.  That’s where Mr. Rohrs comes in.  I had, by luck, saved the paperwork from when the sun room was installed, and with it was the name of your company.  Hoping that you hadn’t gone out of business after the ten years plus, I got your company phone number from long distance information and called.  I honestly had my doubts that your company would help, because even if you were still in business you make your living selling homes and additions, not selling relatively small amounts of lumber.  Well I must say I was quite favorably impressed with Mr. Rohrs.  He took the time to understand what kind of siding I was looking for –not easy, considering my limited knowledge of the correct technical descriptions of siding and the many varieties of siding available.  He was extremely knowledgeable of your past products – enough to identify my siding as something you hadn’t used for at least five years, and took the time to see if you still had some.  He also took the time and trouble to send me a small sample to make sure that he knew what I wanted.  As it turned out, based on the amount of siding that I needed, it would be cheaper for me to drive from Maryland to Massachusetts than to have it shipped.  (Also, after dealing with all the other lumber companies, I was now desperate enough not to leave my fate to a shipping company).  So, as if he hadn’t done enough, Mr. Rohrs agreed to meet me outside of your business hours (on a very wet Saturday) in order to minimize my time off from work.  In closing, I would like to say again that it has been a pleasure dealing with Mr. Rohrs and I really appreciate his help.  He definitely puts the customer first and I’m sure his attitude has been a significant contributing factor to your successful and long-standing business.  If I am ever in a position to send some business your way, I will not hesitate to do so.

- Solar Room customer in Hyattsville, MD


Compliments From Our Builder


Dear Steve:  The house is a pure pleasure to look at and to linve in - both from inside and out!  And incredibly easy to maintain and to heat.  Really unusual was a completely unsolicited compliment from our general contractor - a true perfectionist - about the quality and accuracy of the construction materials you provided.  Once again, we love the house!  P.S.  The pictures certainly do not do it justice.

- Custom Home customer in Wysox, PA


Beautiful Conservatory


From submitted questionnaire:  Prompt and efficient delivery, driver very pleasant.  Dave Rohrs is tops - the very best - the design of the addition is beautiful!  Thank you - we love the room!

- Conservatory customer in Longmeadow, MA


Porch Room Satisfaction


From a submitted survey:  Paul Bassett (builder) was excellent to work with.  Dave (Rohrs) showed keen interest and communicated well throughout process.  Working with Habitat as a team proved to be a very good experience.  An example to other companies.

- Porch Room customer in Westfield, MA


Proud of Prow


From submitted survey:  "Kit was ready ahead of schedule.  Quality is excellent. 

One item was damage (sliding door trim), not sure if it was in transit or at factory.  Picked up and exchanged - no problem. 

Paul Bassett (builder) is great.  Very easy to work with.  

Dave (Rohrs) did a great job.  We have had many compliments on the home."

- Prow customer in Ware, MA


Local School Thank You


Now that we're officially moving forward with a building complete with a Habitat piece, I want to thank you all for the tremendous help you've been in the process.  Your presence at early planning board meetings was greatly appreciated by the head (new to Deerfield politics!).  Your advice has been sound, and your willingness to help us find prices we could afford was most generous.  On we go!

- Addition to Private School in Deerfield, MA


Happy with Habitat Home and New Habitat Addition


The product, presentation, production, delivery and execution were all beyond what I expected.  Any time we can assist you in a sale, be it a reference or a home showing, please contact us.  Thank you again.  Your product is great - we couldn't be happier.

- Custom Home customer (1994) and Custom Addition customer (1997) in Kattskill Bay, NY


"Just Super All The Way"


From submitted survey:  you worked well with the builder to schedule a flawless delivery.  I believe not a piece was missing, and the builder only had to make one cut in the material you supplied.  A couple of things were needed and were promptly supplied.  Just super all the way.

- Custom Home customer in Harpswell, ME


High Quality, Happy with Builder


From submitted survey:  Wood seemed very high quality.  Frank and David Pajari (builders) very hardworking and open to suggestions.  Home seems to be solidly built.  No field problems to date.  Overall excellent.  Always able to answer questions.  Very helpful.

- Prow customer in Stow, MA


A Perfect Experience


Dear Sir:  Sorry it took so long to return this questionnaire.  But we have so many people wanting to see the fantastic addition, we are exhausted.  Except for the fact that when guests come in, we do have a hard time getting them to leave.  We are more than happy with our entire experience from start to finish.  From the time we met David (Rohrs) and Tabor (Dunn) at the Albany Home Show to the day we went up to the open house at Tabor's own home for an open house to see the quality of your work, to the completed addition by Kim Lincoln (builder), we love it.  First, the honesty of Tabor in telling the truth that he was just too busy this summer to take on our project.  Then he brought in and recommended Mr. Kim Lincoln to do our addition.  Not enough can be said for the quality of work that was provided by Kim and his team.  This entire job is as close to perfect as any I have seen.  There was never a problem with any small changes that we wanted to make, such as when we decided to change from sheetrock on the inside walls to tongue and groove soft maple, and red oak for our window casings.  This meant a lot of fine cutting and fitting (as our room is almost all windows and doors), but nothing was a problem.  Kim even set the interior wood on the walls in a couple of different designs so we could look at it to be sure of the way we wanted the walls done.  Since Jan is a stay-at-home mom and was there most of the time when Kim and his team were working, she never once heard a bad word from any one of the team.  I truly feel this is very commendable in today's world.  Kim also stopped at my office one day a couple weeks after he completed the job, just to see if there was anything we noticed that was not perfect.  Our house is always available to any of your people to show, or just call and send in your prospects.  For they will be sold by Jan and myself, as the best salespeople are satisfied customers.  I have been selling heavy trucks for over 37 years, and know how to sell, I think.  Thank you again for a perfect experience.

- Custom Addition customer in Slingerlands, NY


Flexible Delivery and Great Builder


From submitted survey:  You were flexible as to a timeframe when we would begin building.  It was postponed numerous times.  Ricky Roy Construction did a great job and very quickly.  We were short some materials as the framing was being done.  When we called, arrangements were made to immediately get he product to us - no questions asked!  Dave (Rohrs) was great!  Very knowledgeable and patient.

- Nantucket customer in Brimfield, MA


Delivered Before the Deep Freeze


From submitted survey:  We were impressed how Habitat pushed to meet the ambitious schedule of the contractor pushing before the winter freeze.  Product quality excellent.  Only field problems was the large wrong-sized window, which the builder took care of directly with Habitat.  We feel very confident in Tim, his brother Dan (Meier, builders) and their crew.  The work is professional, fine work and we are so far very excited about the quality and progress.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with Dave Rohrs as he negotiated us through the design and approvals of our house.


Additions Satisfaction


"We loved Steve Worth (rep.) and Casey (designer).  Addition is not yet finished but end is in sight - will be lovely!  We would be happy to show the addition when it is finished.  The design of sun room, porch and bathroom is great.  Loved the idea for the step wall of shower - thanks Casey!"


Passive Solar Dream House in Maryland


Dear Habitat:

Our Passive Solar III house package was delivered in July of this year and is well on its way to completion.  At this point in time we would like to offer our sincere thanks to all in your company who have helped us obtain our "dream house." 

We are delighted with the design, quality materials, and energy-saving features of the Passive Solar III.  We couldn't have asked for a more competent and efficient company with which to work.  Special commendation goes to Tom O'Brien (designer) for his able assistance in planning our house; Jeff Parker (local rep.) for his support, professionalism, and genuine concern; Carlton (truck driver) for his expertise in handling and delivering our supplies safely and courteously; and Pat and Lisa (Habitat production/scheduling) for keeping things running smoothly when minor glitches did develop.

Our house is in a small community close to the Chesapeake Bay, and has attracted much interest and many, many accolades.

Again, thanks to all for making this possible!  When our house is completed, we will be happy to share our experiences with potential buyers.

- Passive Solar customer in Edgemere, MD


Winnipesaukee Custom Home


"Just finished watching your presentation on "you tube" and was very impressed.  As an owner of one of your homes (1998), we are very happy with our home and have had compliments from everyone who comes to our home." Dick
- Custom Home owner built in 1998


Trouble Free in Coastal Maine


From a submitted survey:  "We worked with the general contractor to coordinate delivery to a difficult location. Everything was precisely on time. Both loads were perfect (quality and quantity). The general contractor had not worked with a post and beam kit before, but had no problems with construction.  Steve Worth (rep.) was fantastic (and showed great patience, as the process on our side took nearly ten years)."

- Custom Prow customer in Lubec, ME shipped 6/2014


Pleased with Midwest Custom Home


Dear Stephen & Peter:  This letter is overdue and I apologize. There have been many times that I have thought of both of you and all your wonderful help, but kids, moving, and the horses have kept me very busy.

Our new house is wonderful! We all absolutely love it. It is warm and cozy, light and spacious. I thought that it might be difficult for the girls to move away from their first experience of neighbors. That has not been the case at all. Over and over they both have said how much they love the house.

We all had a lot of fun building the house. I sure don't want to do it again, but it was fun. It was really exhausting managing family, a stable with a half-dozen horses, giving riding lessons, selling our other home, and acting as the general contractor for building the house. Our house in the village finally closed April 1. It was then that I realized how tired I really was.

I think Jim, our builder, had a great time, too. He isn't exactly the type to admit having fun, but when he was all done he flopped into a lawn chair, gave a huge sigh, and said "gosh, what am I going to do tomorrow?" He was really wonderful. His attention to detail is impeccable and he is superb at troubleshooting. He was ever so patient with me being the general contractor - it was his suggestion.

When we have grass and some landscaping in I will send you some photos. Everything is not complete until even the outside of the house is done! Right now there is a lot of mud.

Your company is wonderful, Peter. You and Steve have our highest praise and we would love to promote your company in the Midwest if we can. If either of you would like to come and visit, you are always welcome.

- Custom home (and later addition) customer in Elkhorn, WI