Your Habitat Post & Beam material package will typically cost roughly $100 per square foot of living space, and our package costs for other spaces such as porches are typically less expensive. For more specific package pricing you can view the page for each individual design or send us your plans for an estimate. Our package cost is for the materials for a complete weather-tight shell, and includes not only the frame but also exterior walls, "housewrap," siding, exterior trim, Andersen® windows and patio doors, Jeld-Wen® entry doors, and architectural roof shingles (see complete material list). The material package will be assembled and finished by you or your contractor.  All of these high-quality materials compose a home that is competitive in cost with a custom-built, conventionally framed house that uses similar quality materials, and is more economical than many other timber frame and log home packages.

The typical Habitat home is finished for between $300-$350 per square foot of living space (including our package cost). This figure will vary depending on the level of finish and the region of the country where you are building. This cost-per-square-foot average does not include land or land improvements such as septic, well, excavation, lot clearing, and driveway/landscaping.  Adding a garage, walkout level/daylight basement, extra porches, and other design features such as natural stone fireplaces, feature windows/window walls, additional patio doors, etc., can increase the cost beyond these estimates.  
Please note that you can make changes to any of the designs without an additional design fee. The material package price will change with the addition or deletion of materials.
* Prices may increase if you are building in an area with unique engineering requirements, such as high wind (>= 100mph/115Vult), heavy snow loads (>65 psf), or earthquake zone rated above category 2a.


(For an overview about pricing, please read the information above)
Cost estimates for additions are difficult to determine without reviewing your specific project. Cost per square foot is highly variable for smaller spaces, estimated to be anywhere from $75 to $200 per square foot for our package. For example, windows can make up a considerable portion of an addition package compared to an entire house package, i.e., most of our standard homes have a window cost somewhere between $5 and $10/square foot, but a 16' x 14' addition with 12 standard-size, double-hung windows and 1 half-round window on the gable would have a window square-foot price of around $40/square foot. If you replace a couple of the windows with double-swing French doors you could expect an additional $5 per square foot. Please contact us directly to talk about your specific addition and its cost.