This custom project is an approx. 450 sq. ft. kitchen and entry/porch addition. The kitchen has a beamed cathedral ceiling with a custom hammerbeam truss, and patio doors that swing out onto the flat, liner-ceiling screen porch ( An entry/mud room is adjacent to the corner of the kitchen, and abuts a large beamed cathedral entry porch. The addition is over a walkout basement currently designed for storage, with a door that exits to the yard beyond.

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Plan: 0070

Gable Sunroom (#0070) (224 sq ft)
Package Price: $33,381
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Cross Gable Room (#0073) (396 sq ft)
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Plan: 3152

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Custom Addition (#3726)

455 sq ft
Package Price: $94,000 as specified below  (from $82,000 and $99,500 depending on framing options).
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Important Note: We will be updating our site with 2021 package pricing by Thanksgiving, which will apply to packages that ship after January 1, 2021.

Beamed Roof System over kitchen and entry, Beamed Porch System for entry porch, and a Liner Porch System for rear screen porch. Standard Wall System. Price does not include walkout (daylight basement). This plan prices higher than most of our additions due to a number of features, including an 8x8 hammerbeam truss in the center of the kitchen, 11' walls in the kitchen, very expensive window/door selections, multiple porches, among other expensive design elements. *Note: Depending on framing options you select, the price could be lower or higher. This price is valid through 2019; prices generally increase about 2-3% a year after pricing date.