The Passive Solar home is typically oriented to the south, capturing additional solar heat in the winter. The light-filled rooms are bright and cheerful, enhancing the beauty of the post and beam interior. An open floor plan creates versatile living areas.

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Plan: 0061

Passive Solar 2000 (#0061) (2,064 sq ft)
Package Price: $159,500
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Plan: 3706

Custom Home (#3706) (2,212 sq ft)
Package Price: $170,000
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Passive Solar 1600 (#0060)

1,600 sq ft
Package Price: $141,500 as specified below  (from $136,250 to $157,000 depending on framing options).
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The standard price includes our Beamed Wall System, Plaster and Beam or Beamed Mid-Floor System (same package price), our Beamed Roof System over the living area, and our Plaster and Accent Beam Roof System over the upper level.

Depending on framing options you select, the price could be lower or higher. This price is valid through 2022; prices generally increase about 2-3% per year after pricing date. Walkout basements and/or garages can typically be added to any home, but are not included in our initial price. Prices are based on engineering requirements of up to 90 mile per hour wind speed, up to 65 pound snow load, and low seismic activity zones. Our packages can be adapted for higher ratings; this may result in a higher price. Pricing errors on our site are rare, but a price change for your package may be required if a mistake is found.