This 14'x16' living/sun room addition features a window wall with polygon specialty windows and dual access to the backyard as well as a back porch.

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Plan: 3726

Custom Addition (#3726) (455 sq ft)
Package Price: $83,750
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Plan: 0070

Gable Sunroom (#0070) (224 sq ft)
Package Price: $31,229
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Plan: 0073

Cross Gable Room (#0073) (396 sq ft)
Package Price: $54,283
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Custom Addition (#3700)

224 sq ft
Package Price: Coming Soon  (from 3220 depending on framing options).
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Beamed Roof System. Full Exposure Wall System. *Note: Depending on framing options you select, the price could be lower or higher. This price is valid through 2015; prices generally increase about 2-3% a year after pricing date.