This custom home features three levels, with bedrooms under the second-floor dining, kitchen, and living areas.  There is a third level Mezzanine included that features a roof-top deck for maximum views.  The conventionally-framed garage also features a roof-top deck.  Most designs can be adapted to add or remove walkout basements, garages, porches, etc., as desired (framing materials by owner/contractor).

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Plan: 3729

Custom Home (#3729) (2,280 sq ft)
Package Price: $181,500
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Plan: 3720

Custom Home (#3720) (3,900 sq ft)
Package Price: $389,500
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Plan: 3778

Custom Home (#3778) (2,137 sq ft)
Package Price: $165,500
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Custom Home (#3142)

2,285 sq ft
Package Price: $177,250 as specified below  (from $177,250 to $190,500 depending on framing options).
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Featuring our standard, Beamed Wall System, Plaster and Beam Mid-Floor System (Price would be the same with our Beamed Mid-Floor System), and Beamed Roof System, throughout. The garage is conventionally framed and not included in the price. This price is valid through 2015; prices generally increase about 2-3% a year after pricing date.