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Plan: 3726

Custom Addition (#3726) (455 sq ft)
Package Price: $83,750
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Plan: 0070

Gable Sunroom (#0070) (224 sq ft)
Package Price: $31,229
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Plan: 0073

Cross Gable Room (#0073) (396 sq ft)
Package Price: $54,283
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Custom Addition (#3136)

432 sq ft
Package Price: $54,000 as specified below  (from $43,750 to $55,000 depending on framing options).
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The standard price includes our Full Exposure Wall System and our Beamed Roof System Depending on framing options you select, the price could be lower or higher. This price is valid through 2016; prices generally increase about 2-3% a year after pricing date. Additions can be place on a variety of foundation types, and we can typically alter how an addition attaches to a house to fit your particular requirements.