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Plan: 3729

Custom Home (#3729) (2,280 sq ft)
Package Price: $181,500
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Plan: 3720

Custom Home (#3720) (3,900 sq ft)
Package Price: $389,500
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Plan: 3778

Custom Home (#3778) (2,137 sq ft)
Package Price: $165,500
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Custom Home (#2804)

3,848 sq ft
Package Price: $393,000 as specified below .
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This home has our standard Beamed Wall System. Our Beamed Roof System is featured over the conservatory and the living room, with our cathedral Plaster and Accent Beam Roof System over the remainder. The Beam Mid-Floor System is featured throughout, but the price would also be the same for our Plaster And Beam Mid-Floor System. The garage for this home is integrated into the house framing, and is included in our price as a conventionally framed structure. Depending on the choice of framing options selected, the price could be lower or higher. The price does not include the optional walkout level. This price is valid through 2016; prices generally increase about 2-3% a year after pricing date.